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I completely suck

I just made this whole post that I i thought was great, and it got deleted. Not even saved to the draft section. Lets see how this goes now.... 🙄

I've been having this urge to type or write about my life. My life stories, my joys and fear. I have been through an emotional roller coaster while being unemployeed! Today, is my last Friday before i start working! I know I wil be incredibly busy. There's no way I will be making the money I'll be making and having time to just "chill"

Anywho, when i sit infront of my screen and want to write, seems like I always come to this site, even though I know nobody is reading. Gives me a sense of a "Carrie Bradchaw", yet I am far from that. I do not even know where to beging or how to make this into something will want to read.

Some stories are made from "true facts" and everything in the middle was just a "fill in the blanks" type of deal to make for a great movie, book or story. I feel that's how most of my late teens and my 20's went. I partied a lot, went out with friends. Had a great life and many life expiriences. However, are they worth reading and writing about? What if becoming a blogger/writter will put my dirty laundry out there and am I ready for everyone to read?

Granted, I get to pick and choose what's out there too. So, who knows.

Let's see what it all may be one day , right ?

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Elementary Projects Rant!

(this post is from last year and for the life of me I never posted it)

Sunday afternoon -

My daughter and I go visit one of her classmates and his mom to have a play date and complete a robot made out of recycled material.

So what do we do?

We go grabbed egg cartons, water bottles, empty toilet paper rolls, juice box cartoons, you name it , we brought it!

It was a "family project" however our children are in KINDERGARTEN!!!!! I understand we are to help our kids with this, but my daughter was incredibly excited she was allowed to utilize the hot glue gun (with supervision of course), so I allowed her to do it.

I wish I would've taken a photo of her and the robot when it was completed. She was so proud of her recycled robot and all the random things she glued to it.

Next day we are walking through school property nonchalant making our way to the cafeteria (were KG meets) and low and behold what do we see??????  Robots! but not just any robots.... these look like a project done by Seniors ! There was nothing "Kindergarten" about some of these amazing sculptures created.

COME ON !!!!

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(no subject)

So....... Let's see...... I wanted to start cooking different foods and start making new dishes and it's actually NOT HAPPENING right now. Last night, take out! The day before ..... Rice and beans with skirt steak with chimichurri/garlic/herbs . Which I've done before and it's delicious. Anywho just because I feel like I should post pictures

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(no subject)

This is my own welcome back post? I don't think anyone I used to know uses lj no more but apparently I renewed my password and here I am all over again!

My life has changed a lot. Moved to Florida (from Puerto Rico) I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter, worked at Disney doin Minnie Mouse but have a full time office job now. In a licensed massage therapist & master body worker. I have a fiancé (non of the guys I was dating) AND I really love my job. Have no facial piercings like I used to all though the wholes are still there. 16 tattoos and counting.

And I was watching the Julia&Julie movie last night and inspire to me to start writing all over again. I don't have anything specific to blog about but at least I can get things out of my chest and put it out there.

I had started in the past doing some wreck journals/scrapbook/collages and miss it. So I may start all over again.

Here's a pic of some of the things I've done

That's my hubby :) I'm truly blessed and truly happy. I can wait to say I'm his wife :) well..... Enough about me for the moment! I will def keep writing her (hopefully daily) and see what's going on on the "friends newsfeed" to see who's really still active.....

Oh and I'm obsess with Jake Gyllenhaal (look for my Instagram page Jake Gyllenhaal Daily & also obsess with Charlie Hunnam from sons of Anarchy (Jax Teller) ugh can't get enough!

And of course my Joshie Josh: